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How to Monetize Your Blog, Web Site or Forum

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Learn the basics to passively make money from your blog, web site or forum.

The primary focus of this Meetup will be to cover ways to passively make money with affiliate marketing.

Tyler Smith will also include a short lesson on making money with Google Adsense.

At the end of the Meetup you will have the know-how to automate the monetization of your blog, web site or forum so you can focus on creating compelling content.

Attendees with an established site can start making money right away.

Those attendees who do NOT have a site yet, are welcome to come, take notes and learn what needs to be done to make legitimate money passively.

Speaker Bio:

Tyler Smith has been monetizing websites since the year 2000. His most popular website, (, has over 70,000 unique visitors per month and generates enough passive income to pay for his mortgage.