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Here, we unite professionals in the domain of cloud-native development / deployment who are inspired by all things containers, and Kubernetes.

While Kubernetes emerges as a major a platform of choice for container orchestration, a bunch of questions investigating what the tool brings to the world of cloud-native arise:

• How do Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes play together? Should they be viewed as layers in a stack, as side-by-side technologies, or as completely separate technologies?

• What is the role of containers today? Have they become commodities?

• What are the key steps to Day 2 operations, once Kubernetes has been deployed in the app and services development process?

• How essential is the 12-factor app approach in a cloud-native world that features both Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes?

• What are the learning curves for Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry?

What are the key lessons learned in going cloud-native, and what are the key roles played by Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes?

This group aims at delivering answers to each and every of these questions, and many more to arise as technologies evolve. Sign up today to begin or continue your journey down the cloud-native path!

Upcoming events (2)

Kubernetes Deep Dive training: San Francisco

Venue is being confirmed. Stay tuned!

This four-day course teaches students both fundamental and advanced Kubernetes topics in the first three days. Students will deploy Kubernetes cluster to GCP using kops, learn how to store configuration in ConfigMaps and internals of the cluster networking. They will be able to efficiently deploy and operate their applications on top of the cloud-native platform. The fourth day is deep dive into Kubernetes internals including kubelet, API server, scheduling algorithm and networking model. After completing the course students are able to design and implement Kubernetes clusters effectively. The target audience is the operators and DevOps engineers who are planning to bootstrap and operate fault tolerant Kubernetes clusters in production. Please follow this link for more details : http://bit.ly/2PrB4jM

[Super Secure] Kubernetes and Cloud-Native meetup: Santa Clara

Palo Alto Networks, Building 1

REGISTRATION: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kubernetes-and-cloud-native-meetup-santa-clara-registration-53902918079 Agenda: 6:00 - Doors open. Networking. Food and drinks. 6:30 - Welcome. 6:40 - Shift Left ⬅️ Security In a Containerized World 🌎 by Gunjan Patel, Cloud Architect at Palo Alto Networks 7:10 - Q&A break. 7:20 - Securing data when running applications in containers by Gou Rao, CTO and Co-Founder of Portworx and Aditya Dani, a Member of Technical Staff at Portworx 7:50 - Q&A break and wrap-up DETAILED AGENDA: Talk 1 Title: Shift Left ⬅️ Security In a Containerized World 🌎 Speaker: Gunjan Patel, Cloud Architect at Palo Alto Networks Abstract: There has been a movement recently about finding security-related issues earlier in the development and deployment pipeline. It's about catching security issues before things the fan. :) In this talk, we will talk about what it means to shift left from the container security point of view. Financial benefits and ROI of the shift left security model. We will also discuss some practical examples and best practices to shift security further left for kubernetes/containerized environment. Bio: Gunjan Patel is a Cloud ☁️ Architect in the Developer Relations team at Palo Alto Networks. Prior to that Gunjan has worked as a developer at Tigera, working on container networking and security projects such as Project Calico 🐱, flannel, CNI. Prior to Tigera, he has worked at Ciena, and Cisco on container orchestration, SDN, and virtualization technologies. Gunjan is part of the core team at GoBridge - an organization that helps underrepresented groups in the Go community. He is also the organizer of the Go Remote Meetup group. Gunjan also loves carrots and explaining technical concepts using emojis. 😀 Talk 2 Title: Securing data when running applications in containers Speakers: Gou Rao, CTO and Co-Founder of Portworx and Aditya Dani, a Member of Technical Staff at Portworx Abstract: As enterprises adopt cloud native infrastructure to run their applications, data security and compliance is becoming a crucial area of interest. When you run your containers in a public cloud, you want to make sure that the data being accessed is secure and that there are no bread crumbs left behind once the container exits. A common mistake many people make is to host-mount a volume directly inside a container, which leaves the container's data behind (directly on the host.) In this session, we focus on the best practices for ensuring the security and compliance of your applications’ persistent volumes. But ensuring security is an on-going exercise. Ideally you would deploy intelligent software that can constantly monitor and audit the application environment for security holes and breaches. Autopilot is an automated application runtime management engine built for Kubernetes, and is an open source project sponsored by Portworx: https://github.com/libopenstorage/autopilot Bios: Gou Rao is the CTO and Co-Founder of Portworx, leading the company’s technology, market, and solution execution strategy. Previously Gou was the CTO of Data Protection at Dell, in charge of the technical direction, strategy and architecture. Gou joined Dell through the acquisition of Ocarina Networks, where Rao was the Co-Founder, CTO and Chief Architect. Gou was also the CTO of the Advanced Solutions Group for Citrix. Gou was the CTO and Co-Founder of Net 6 (acquired by Citrix) where he invented Hybrid VPN. Twitter: @raogou Aditya Dani is a Member of Technical Staff at Portworx with over 5 years experience building distributed control plane solutions. He has written the Kubernetes in-tree storage plugin for Portworx. Recently he has been working on Portworx's distributed control plane, including the integration efforts with Kubernetes and other schedulers. Prior to that Aditya was a Software Development Engineer at Amazon Music. Aditya has a master’s degree in Computer Science from USC.

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Kubernetes Deep Dive training: San Francisco

Venue is being confirmed. Stay tuned!

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