• Viva CalleSJ beer walk

    Santa Clara Valley Brewing

    So VivaCalleySJ goes down Story to Market to Downtown SJ. I figure I'll grab an late bfast/early lunch near Alma/Monterey and then chill a min at Santa Clara Valley Brewing before joining the route and hitting Clandestine and Camino and maybe Uproar/forager/other downtown stuff (it really depends on how I feel after the bottleshare on the 18th :-p)

  • Bottleshare at my place

    2669 Lone Bluff Way

    So I have more beer than i know what to do with, and expecting a bit more in the next few weeks with my plans and travels, so time to call in some help! I was gonna schedule it for May 4, but chances are there's other events going on, like a beer walk and star wars stuff, so figured the following week would work better. Share rules: bring a good beer to share (I'll also have a ton), and some snacks. not sure if I'll set a theme for this one yet... (parking sucks, use lyft or public or whatever; maybe bring chairs/camp chairs)

  • Happy Meower at Rock Bottom

    Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery

    Ok, so, I know we were just here. but #DontCare, #Kittens. Town Cats is hosting a kitten adoption event from 3-6pm. I know a lot of people can't get here till after this, but I figure I'll let people know about the event. And there are a few other places to grab a beer at the pruneyard if we want to migrate once the kittens leave. (I may actually try and leave work a little early...) (town cats is also hosting a pints and paws event at Clandestine on the 12th, 6-9pm; so I'll probably try and set up a thing for that too)

  • May Day! May Day! We're going Off The Rails

    Off The Rails Brewing Co.

    A semi-newish place to which I've never been. https://offtherailsbrewing.com/

  • Group Anniversary #4: Event 4 (Belmont - RWC)

    Alpha Acid Brewing Company

    We'll start at Alpha Acid when they open at noon (not far from Belmont Caltrain) It's a 1mile walk to Blue Oak (opens at 2, so we can hang at AA for awhile) Just under a mile to The Refuge/Ale Arsenal (AA opens at 3) It's a long haul (1.6miles) to Ghostwood and then a few blocks to Gourmet Haus Staudt, and not too far from the RWC caltrain station. (I'll probably walk between all the stops, but lyfting should be pretty easy as well)

  • Taco Tuesday @ Camino

    Camino Brewing

    Lets hang out and grab some tacos from Mollie's Catering and suds at Camino Brewing. (Mollie's is there pretty much every tuesday. highly recommend; I believe they have veggie options as well but don't remember 100%).

  • National Haiku Day

    Out of the Barrel

    To Honor the Day We shall go and drink some beer Out of The Barrel And if people want we can kyoto palace for karaoke

  • Group Anniversary #4: Event 2 (San Jose)

    Forager Tasting Room & Eatery

    Since I won't be around for this one, I figured I'll set up an easy one for this day. Start at The Forager at 10:30 am for beer and brunch (Uproar across the street is another option, but we started there last time). From there, head South to Camino (opens at noon). And continue south on to Clandestine, Santa Clara Valley (turn left at Alma), Hermitage (East on Alma, south on 7th), and Strike (east on Phalen, south on 10th). (I won't be able to host this one though since I'll be out of town; any volunteers? mostly just posting when you're leaving a place so late comers can meet at the next one.)

  • Group Anniversary #4: Event 1 (West Oakland & Alameda)

    Federation Brewing

    Start at Federation Brewing when they open at noon It's a few blocks from there to Original Pattern Brewing. Next Door is Independent Brewing (opens at 2) A couple blocks from there is the Tiger's Taproom. If we've still got time/interest, catch a lyft or ferry over to Faction Brewing on Alamenda Island. about 3/4 mile from there is The Rake at Admiral Malting and next door is Almanac Barrel House (closes at 10) (Federation isn't too far from the Jack London amtrak or the lake merrit BART, so I'll probably take one of those up early and grab brunch in the area I think).