September meetup: Mike Fotinakis and Lauren Tan

Hosted by Silicon Valley Ember.js Meetup

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Silicon Valley Ember.js Meetup
Silicon Valley Ember.js Meetup
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121 Albright Way · Los Gatos, CA

How to find us

Look for signs at both front and rear entrances


We have two great speakers lined up for September!

We will start with a lightening talk by Lauren Tan of Netflix (

After a short break for more food and beverages, we will hear from Mike Fotinakis. Mike is the founder of Percy ( (, a home-grown platform for continuous visual integration of web apps. He previously worked at Google, Science Exchange, and AltSchool in SF.

His talk will include a live demo! In his own words:

'Unit testing is mostly a solved problem, but how do you write tests for the visual side of your Ember app—the part that your users actually see and interact with? How do you stop visual bugs from reaching your users?

We will dive deep into visual regression testing, a fast-growing technique for testing apps pixel-by-pixel. We will integrate perceptual diffs in Ember feature specs, and learn how to visually test complex UI states. We will show tools and techniques for "continuous visual integration" on every commit, and learn how to introduce visual reviews right alongside code reviews.'

Big thanks to Netflix ( hosting!