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Note: We are no longer actively posting the latest hash on the Meetup. On Thu evenings, meeting at 630, we get anywhere from 10-15, and on alternate Saturdays at 1pm, 25+. The latest Hash is always posted at http://www.drunkcircle.com or http://www.svh3.com .

The Hash House Harriers mixes running and socializing. Runs are 3-5 miles, and walkers are welcome. We usually have beer stops, a down-down (more beer), and a circle at the end. Then off to a restaurant or bar for those who want to. Visitors always welcome! There are over 600 'Kennels' worldwide. Our website is http://www.svh3.com On-on!

We are drinkers with a running problem. Hashes are set anywhere from South Bay to the mid peninsula (that’s San Jose to around Menlo Park, for you visitors.) SVH3 hashes are on every other Saturday afternoon. The Thursday evening hash alternates between the Agnews - longer runs - and the FHAC-U - shorter, with more bar stops. If from out-of-town, the FHAC-U is more 'traditional' while the Agnews is more 'family friendly.' The upcoming hardline is posted at the Drunk Circle. (http://www.drunkcircle.com) Special events include the Red Dress Run (charity) in the spring and the pool party in late summer.

Also, checkout the Hash Links (http://sandbox.svh3.com/silicone-valley-hashing/hash-links/) for more Bay Area hashes, from Napa to Monterey. We’re especially nice to first timers, trust us…or you can check the Virgin Hasher Guide. (http://sandbox.svh3.com/silicone-valley-hashing/virgin-hasher-guide/) And virgins (first-timers) run drink for free!

What is Hashing?

The Harriers & Harriettes
Hashers are identified by their Hash names.

The Trails
Trails are generally 3 to 5 miles (7 if an FRB is the hare). Race, jog or walk. Well laid trails force front runners to stop often and re-find the trail, allowing the pack to catchup. Poorly laid trails result in the well deserved abuse of the Hare at the end. If you want to set a trail, contact the Hare Raisers (http://sandbox.svh3.com/silicone-valley-hashing/mismanagement/)

Hash Cash
For a mere $5.00, you can enjoy the running and the refreshments. Virgins (new hashers to the area) are free the first hash.

The Beer
Generally there is a Beer Check during the run and always at the end. Hidden under the beer are soft drinks and water for the ill adjusted.

After The Run
At the end of the trail to socialize and ceremoniously drink beer in the Down-Down circle. Some go On-On-On to eat together, drink together, and maybe do a little dancing.

Past events (114)

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