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The purpose of this meetup is to assist entrepreneurs and innovators to identify the opportunities in entire healthcare industry across the globe. If you already have a startup , then we assist in reaching your true market potential. Here is the where rubber meets the road . A true test place for your ideas in the real world. We invite highly accomplished physicians, physician entrepreneurs an array of personnel from reputable imaging centers, surgical centers and hospitals as speakers and mentors. .Investors ,bankers,attorneys that deal with healthcare industry will be present to assist you . Not being lost in whole thing ,we make sure you focus on most important subject in the endeavour is patient/consumer .That is where buck stops . That is where your bucks begin to come.

Healthcare transformations 3.0 identified three critical areas that need innovation.

The Innovation must bring meaningful,sustainable and quantifiable relief to consumer's well being and patient's suffering , it is the ultimate solution for the healthcare and so do ours.


We need to make fundamental shift in healthcare from PROVIDER CENTRIC to TECHNOLOGY centric system. You should think about " health kiosk" before you think of a doctor. Delivering quality health care to seven billion people across the globe through extremely limited number of doctors is statistically impossible. There is no reason unless warranted , to take little jimmy for cough and cold in American suburbia to a hospital where you have potential risk of getting exposed to Multidrug Resistant bacteria ( MDR) to deadly viruses. It is impossible to transport pregnant woman in a remote village in Afghanistan , to an institutional setup like hospital. If you succeed in inventing a technology that is easily portable that is easy to operate, you solved serious healthcare crisis. Access to healthcare is old talk , delivering healthcare directly to patient is new paradigm. It is not just providing additional tools and patch works to assist the doctor but replace with Kiosks where doctors are not available.



Patients can not be lost , viruses can not escape. Opportunity to create truly consumer or patient driven healthcare system, not insurance driven one should be your ideal goal. Healthcare is the only industry do not have true competition. It is chosen by insurers ,even in cases you are paying from your own pocket. . . Another huge opportunity is in the non compliance area of patients with diabetes,hypertension ,COPD and other chronic conditions,. Not taking medications on time, or ignoring annual health checkups . The end result of non compliance is huge burden on healthcare system. We can not assign the problem to individuals.while staggering 30% non compliance rate suggests it is systemic failure. . This area is great ripe for innovative processes.

Processes can be invented and reoriented.


IF you build a machine and you are the only one knows how to use it that is going to be your first and last machine of that kind. Constant complaint from healthcare industry is non availability of skilled technologists,.Lack of skilled personnel creates bottle neck in health care delivery system.

There is an huge opportunity for simulated training programs in healthcare area. For example if you can reduce traditional training time ,and create more machine learning based algorithms that would create more number of trained technologists in shorter time,.Ultrasound and Xray modalities are one of those examples.

Your innovation must create more skilled, more knowledgeable and more compassionate providers of healthcare.


If you reduce pain for cancer patient, or prevent heart attack for your loved one, or you could stop a woman dying while giving birth, through your innovation ,it is truly self fulfilling.

There is an Indian proverb " manava sev is madhav sev" ., "Service to man/woman is service to God"

Come and join with me in this adventurous journey of innovation , to become future part of the care team



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