• Best Practices In Machine Learning Model Deployment

    Off The Rails Brewing Co.

    The event will be at Off the Rails Brewing on Thursday, May 30th (5pm-8pm) 5:00 PM Registration begins 5:30 PM Presentation begins 6:30 PM Wrap-up discussion; networking 8:00 PM Event ends Event Details Algorithmia is a Seattle-based machine learning software company, and we're laser-focused on helping enterprises deploy ML programs. We developed a roadmap to outline the four stages to productionize ML, and we're headed to San Jose to host an evening to engage with business leaders about how to forge a path to ML maturity. Achieve Machine Learning Maturity We have had countless conversations with organizations of all sizes at various stages of their ML journeys, and we have developed a simple mapping system that you can use. Come learn how to: - Locate your organization’s current position - Pinpoint your destination - Chart priorities on the path to maturity - Orient and align your stakeholders - Navigate common pitfalls and roadblocks Please RSVP directly here: * Registration is now closed * The presenter is Diego Oppenheimer (CEO)

  • AI and machine learning summit SYNC in Mountain View

    Computer History Museum

    A leading tech media company is holding an AI and machine learning summit SYNC in Mountain View July 14th. Here are some of the noted speakers: Vish Makhijani, CEO of Udacity Fengmin Gong, VP of Didi Chuxing Power J Walsh, SVP of Visa Peter Welinder, AI Researcher at OpenAI Gil Penchina, Partner at IDG Ventures Peter Pyun, Principal Solutions Architect at NVIDIA Also talented scientists and engineers from Google Brain, IBM Watson, Intel are coming as speakers You can use code MEETUP50 to get 50% off for the event. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sync-2017-us-china-ai-summit-tickets-35189794623

  • Packaging Software at the Edge + Digital Twins

    Hacker Dojo, Large Event Room

    Your First and Last name, email and company name are REQUIRED for this meetup, so please proceed to RSVP at EVENTBRITE.COM (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sv-meetup-packaging-software-at-the-edge-and-digital-twins-registration-35452111219). Agenda: 6:00 - Doors open. Networking. Members meet each other. 6:20 - Welcome. Members to share topics of interests for future meetings. 6:30 - Talk #1. Digital Twin Robert Benson (https://www.linkedin.com/in/rbensonpaloalto/), Director of Marketing for Mitek Analytics will present a brief overview of the concept of Digital Twin and describe several of the research implementations of Digital Twin that Mitek Analytics has developed for the Air Force and NASA under federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts. Digital Twin is a concept that has been in existence for about 10 years which has gotten more visibility in the last few years as GE Digital has been promoting the concept as a centerpiece of its efforts to deliver value via the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Gartner has included Digital Twin on its Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017 list. Gartner’s definition of Digital Twin starts as follows: “A digital twin is a dynamic software model of a physical thing or system that relies on sensor data to understand its state, respond to changes, improve operations and add value.” The talk can be tailored to target audiences ranging from unfamiliar with Digital Twin and IIoT to those familiar with Digital Twin and IIoT. 7:00 - Q&A break. 7:10 -Talk #2. Packaging Software at the Edge Overview: In the Asset Performance Management space, we need to supply an edge to cloud solve that resides in both on-premise and in the cloud. Our current edge solutions are relatively simplistic, and consists of transmitting time series data into the cloud for further processing. As our technologies mature along with our customers’ needs, we’re finding that we need to grasp a more fog computing-based approach where we include more intelligence, more computing power, at the edge. Along with this computative power, we need to better remotely manage these systems – to be able to monitor progress and diagnose problems. This functionality would also include managing software updates and their deployments. We found that Windows Docker seemed to fit the bill -- much of the technologies that live at our edge solutions are Windows OS based (as the customers’ main platforms are Windows OS based). I would like to review the approach that we took to replackage one of our main APM on-premise solutions using Windows Docker. Some of the pros and cons of the approach. As well as a live demo of the system running on my laptop (will use a virtual machine to simulate). Bio: With over 25 years of experience in the computing industry, Peter (https://www.linkedin.com/in/peterngai/) currently works for GE Digital in San Ramon, California as a Software Architect. He was born and raised in New York City, and is a graduate from Rochester Institute of Technology located in Rochester, NY. He has a software engineering background and his experience ranges in financial systems, payment platforms, to mobile platforms, and now in the Industrial IoT space. 8:00 - Q&A break & wrap-up. NOTE: This Meetup group is not affiliated with GE. This Meetup group does not own the GE Predix trademark; this Meetup has no affiliation, connection or association with such third party; Such third party has not approved nor sponsored this Meetup group's use of the trademark in any way. About sponsors: Altoros's (http://altoros.com/) unique specialty is turning services from Predix Catalog into apps carrying competitive advantage for its customers. For example, Altoros has built a real time baggage tracking solution - BagTrack - a service for airlines and airports that need to bring customer experience up to speed when it comes to letting the customer know, in real-time, status and location of your bag. Altoros provides private/public hackathons, training, application prototyping, development and integration services using solutions offered by GE, Predix Catalog and GE Digital ecosystem. CBTS (http://cbts.net/) provides end-to-end IT and communications solutions that allow mid-sized and enterprise businesses to improve operational efficiency, enable innovation, mitigate risk and reduce expenditures. From building enablement infrastructure, to deploying cloud services, to employing managed services, to offering top-notch technology consultants, CBTS is your technology partner to gain a competitive edge and deliver quality services. Hacker Dojo (https://www.hackerdojo.com/About)is a tech hub in the South Bay that is one part working space, one part events venue, and one part maker space (https://www.hackerdojo.com/Makerspace). We are the perfect place to launch a software startup or build a robot. We have both personal desk space (The Hive ) and shared desk space for Hacker Dojo members.

  • SVML May Meetup

    Visa, Inc

    Location: VISA Building M1 Auditorium (https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=900+Metro+Center+Boulevard%2C+Foster+City%2C+CA%2C+us) Agenda: 6:30 – 6:50 pm Networking & Food 6:50 – 7:00 pm Welcome & Announcements 7:00 – 8:30 pm Three 30-mins presentations 8:30 – 8:45 pm Q&A 9:00 pm Doors Close Presentations: How Basic Concepts of Distributed Engineering Helps Scale Data Science Algorithms Effectively Using Spark and Dataframes by Nirmal Sharma Nirmal Sharma is principle software engineer at WalmartLabs leading their big data team, and is responsible for large-scale distributed systems, databases and algorithms. Prior to this he worked as a data engineer at NETFLIX, where he was responsible for building scalable ML and data pipelines and tools using Hadoop and related technological stacks. He has 14 years of experience implementing, architecting and supporting large data platforms using distributed systems (Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Spark, and various other open source technologies), MPP systems, algorithms and databases. He holds a B.Tech degree from IIT, Varanasi, India. Designing Distributed Machine Learning on Apache Spark by Joseph Bradley Joseph Bradley is an Apache Spark Committer and PMC member working as a Machine Learning Software Engineer at Databricks. Previously, he was a postdoc at UC Berkeley after receiving his Ph.D. in Machine Learning from Carnegie Mellon. R4ML – new open-source R package for scalable machine learning from IBM by Alok Singh and Fred Reiss Alok Singh is a Principal Engineer at the IBM Spark Technology Center, where he leads the R4ML project. He has built and architected multiple analytical frameworks and implemented various machine learning algorithms. His interest is in creating Big Data and scalable machine learning software and algorithms. Fred Reiss is Chief Architect at the IBM Spark Technology Center in San Francisco and is one of the founding employees of the Center. Fred received his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in 2006, then worked for IBM Research Almaden for the next nine years. At Almaden, Fred worked on the SystemML and SystemT projects, as well as on the research prototype of DB2 with BLU Acceleration. Fred has over 25 peer-reviewed publications and six patents. Parking Information: Enter on Metro Center drive, look for the signs for Visa M1 visitor parking, use the phone at the security gate to request access. RSVP / Registration: Provide full name that matches a valid government ID to register. Valid government ID required to enter the premise. Please plan to arrive by 6:15pm PST, if possible, to leave time to park in the garage and check in at the lobby of M1-auditorium.

  • SVML Lounge at Nvidia GTC

    Cogniac Corporation

  • Computer Vision Lightning Talks

    International Technological University (ITU)

    There are so many exciting things going on in the machine learning and AI world these days. This is an experiment with a new 'lightning talk' meetup format to allow folks interested in different ML topics to gather periodically to keep abreast of the action. The plan is to have a number of speakers present for 10 minutes each, leaving time for a few questions after each talk. The topic for the first SVML Lightning Meetup is computer vision. Very special thanks to International Technological University for hosting this meetup in their ample auditorium. Finding a meetup-friendly space for this sized crowd is quite a challenge so we very much appreciate ITU's outreach. The speaker lineup is as follows: Alex Kalinin (VP Product Development and AI Research, home.ai): Automatic Face Recognition with FaceNet Michael Andregg (Founder, Fathom Computing): Optical Computing for Machine Learning Auro Tripathy: Object Detection with CNNs Tsvi Achler (CEO Optimizing Mind): Explainable Neural Networks Bill Kish (CEO Cogniac): Programming With Visual Data Stanley Chiang: Open Source Snapchat Filter Clone Panos Sphicas (Research Fellow, Sandia National Laboratories): Computer Vision In Fluid Mechanics

  • AI Frontiers Conference 2017

    Santa Clara Convention Center

    You are invited to: AI Frontiers Conference on Jan 11-12 at Santa Clara. We are bringing the leaders in Applied AI from companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon & others to share with you the latest advances in deep learning product. You will have opportunity to build your first deep learning models through our training session, and network with companies and other professionals recruiting for engineers & data scientists in this space. Our speakers include • Father of TensorFlow, Rajat Monga, Engineering Director at Google • Pioneers of deep learning for speech, Chief Scientist of AI of Microsoft, Li Deng • Pioneers of computer vision, founder of openCV, Gary Bradski • Creator of Caffe, Facebook, Yangqing Jia • Director of Machine learning of Amazon, Alex Smola In addition, we have a special session dedicated to autonomous driving, where leaders on self-driving from Google, Tesla and Baidu discuss together. Our training session include Tensorflow training from Google team and MXNet training from Amazon team. To find out more details and register today (early bird discount), please visit: http://aifrontiers.com (http://aifrontiers.com/) If you have any question, please email us at: [masked] You can get the ticket by clicking this link (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ai-frontiers-conference-tickets-28821486843?aff=Meetup). Visit our Facebook and Twitter page: https://www.facebook.com/aifrontiersconference/ https://twitter.com/AI_Frontiers *****************IMPORTANT************** As a Data Science Practitioner, you can use the code (svdsp_aifrontiers_2017) for $100 OFF! or Early Bird Day 1 Pass (without banquet) code: aisvml (300 tickets) *****************IMPORTANT**************

  • Live Webinar on Hadoop VS Spark? Which IS Right FOR YOUR Career?

    Hi, After the tremendous success of our last event on Big Data & Hadoop. KRATOES (http://www.kratoes.com/) is launching HADOOP VS SPARK & SCALA (http://unbouncepages.com/hadoopvsspark/) Session on demand. Join to learn and get mentored in Big Data journey and Broaden your skills. Focus on:- * Introduction to Big Data. * Challenges of Big Data and Introduction to Hadoop. * Hadoop components and its characteristics. * Hadoop echo system and its Architecture. * MapReduce (YARN). * Advantage and Dis-advantages of Hadoop. * Why Spark and Scala? * Data Loading using RDD * Difference between Spark and Hadoop. This promises to be an extremely enriching session and we hope you can make it - Register Now (http://unbouncepages.com/hadoopvsspark/) In case you can't make it sign-up anyway, we'll send you the recording. [ http://unbouncepages.com/hadoopvsspark/ ] Cheers!


    Needs a location

    Hello. What makes the developers enable confidently start programming in Scala. Join to learn more about Apache Spark and scala (http://unbouncepages.com/live-apachespark-webinar/)' Timings:- 20th October Thursday 2016, 09:00 PM - 10:00 PM IST 20th October Thursday 2016, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM EDT Focus On:- * INTRODUCTION TO BIG DATA * INTRODUCTION TO SPARK * WHY SPARK * SPARK ECOSYSTEM * INTRODUCTION TO SCALA * PRACTICAL'S ON SPARK This promises to be an extremely enriching session and we hope you can make it - Register Now (http://unbouncepages.com/live-apachespark-webinar/) In case you can't make it sign-up anyway, we'll send you the recording. [ http://unbouncepages.com/live-apachespark-webinar/ ] Cheers!

  • Attend Free Live Webinar on Pig vs MapReduce by Industry Expert

    Hello, Please join us as Industry Experts from KRATOES (http://www.kratoes.com/) share their experience and provide a live demonstration on the topic "PIG VS MAPREDUCE (http://unbouncepages.com/pigvsmapreduce/)" We'd like to invite you for an expert live Webinar on 'Pig vs. MapReduce (http://unbouncepages.com/pigvsmapreduce/)' scheduled on 20th Oct Thursday 2016, 9 PM to 10 PM IST . TOPICS *INTRODUCTION TO BIG DATA AND IT'S CHALLENGES *INTRODUCTION TO HADOOP AND IT'S CHARACTERISTICS *HADOOP ECOSYSTEM *HADOOP IMPORTANCE AND IT'S COMPONENTS *HDFS ARCHITECTURE *HISTORY OF PIG *WHAT IS PIG AND WHY PIG *PIG VS. MAPREDUCE *FEATURES OF PIG AND IT'S APPLICATION *PIG DATA MODEL AND PIG OPERATIONS This promises to be an extremely enriching session and we hope you can make it - Register Now (http://unbouncepages.com/pigvsmapreduce/) In case you can't make it sign-up anyway, we'll send you the recording. [ http://unbouncepages.com/pigvsmapreduce/ ] Cheers