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This is a group that supports working parents in Silicon Valley whose families really do come before their high powered careers yet at work and in their social circles they don't often feel they can be authentic. We will have mindfulness meditation sessions, walks, evening activities, professional networking, parenting classes, discussion groups, book talks, support group, listening time, and learn couples communication strategies in a safe space where we can be real about all that we do in our lives that is exciting and full of love and success and what is truly challenging and often difficult to open up about in our regular spheres.

We are about enjoying our time together, learning as much as we can, sharing candidly, opening up to growth and change while supporting each other unconditionally to do the same. Together, we can do so much more than we can do alone! And believe me, we will have a great time together!

I am also a working parent as well as a public school educator/consultant, parenting, life and leadership coach. I have two amazing daughters age 5 and 2 and a supportive full time tech working husband who is quite involved.

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Silicon Valley Working Dads' Discussion Group

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Walk and Talk in Robles Park

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