NVC Practice Group - Ch. 10 Expressing Anger Fully

Every 3rd Thursday of the month until February 19, 2020

Location visible to members


Let's gather to co-create an open-hearted community to practice Nonviolent Communication (NVC). We start the Meetup with an Empathy Circle, where our intention is to create a safe container for sharing authentically from the heart in honest self-expression, to be heard, to be known...we listen to each other in empathy and we learn the skills for authentic, fulfilling connection.

This group is open to beginners, and experienced practitioners of NVC alike. Business, business casual, or casual clothing required at all times.

The second half of our meetup is a book study, along with applications and practice. We're here to deepen our NVC skills, enhancing our ability to connect to life and each other.

Please read the agreed chapter before each Meetup from the book “Nonviolent Communication - A Language of Life” by Marshall Rosenberg. The NVC book is accessible here:

Note the start time of 6:30PM, which is intended for community connection time. We intend to start our practice group at 7:00PM. Please arrive by 6:50PM to say "hello", to support our group flow and to honor our agreements.

We'd love it if everyone were familiar with the intention behind NVC...
Question: why practice NVC?

Answer: Connection (If you're not interested in connection, this is not your group).

Here are some videos to get you started:

* Introduction to NVC video: http://youtu.be/M-129JLTjkQ
* Another Introduction to NVC: http://youtu.be/-dpk5Z7GIFs

We recommend regular participation to support learning, trust, and connection. We also suggest that you find at least one "empathy buddy" from the Meetup to practice empathetic listening on your own -- typical sessions are 30 minutes, timed to be 15 minutes for each person.

Requesting a $20 - $30 donation to support our facilitator. No one turned away due to lack of funds. Give what you can, if you can.