Is Silicon Valley Real Estate in a bubble?

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Significant trends in the local and global economies indicate that the Silicon Valley market is slowing down. Silicon Valley is already in its 6th consecutive year of growth, but how much longer will this cycle continue? Most importantly, what does this mean for the future Silicon Valley home buyers?

Avi Urban will go over the necessary considerations that will help you answer the big question: "is buying a home in the Silicon Valley right for me?"

We will cover the following topics and much more:

• Is the Silicon Valley in a real estate bubble?

• When will real estate prices go down?

• Is it better to rent vs. buy in the Silicon Valley?

• Does it make more sense to invest in real estate outside the Silicon Valley?

• Comparing and contrasting real estate investing to investing in the stock market?

• 5 reasons why not to buy a home in the Silicon Valley.

• How to get a mortgage: The do's and don'ts.

I guarantee that after attending this seminar you will understand Silicon Valley real estate better than you ever had before.

Special Offer: For attending our upcoming seminar, you'll be eligible for a 1-year home warranty gift and an appliance of your choice provided by The Urban Group. By participating in the seminar, completing our feedback form, and closing escrow on a home purchased with an agent from The Urban Group, you'll receive a free 1-year home warranty and an appliance of your choice (appliance's make and model need to be approved by the agent). For any questions, please email us at [masked]

*Seating is limited, guarantee a spot by registering HERE:

*This event is not intended for real estate agents, thank you.*

*Our seminar will start promptly at 1:35PM.*

About the Speaker: Avi Urban is a Silicon Valley high-tech veteran turned 5-star real estate expert. He has a great passion for real estate and wants to share his knowledge to make you a smarter and successful seller, buyer, and investor to meet your long-term personal and financial goals. Visit my LinkedIn ( Yelp! ( pages to learn more about me!

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