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Does life feel lost, stuck, confused, or out of balance?
Having trouble re -aligning with your best self?

This group is intended to help you sustain a life that feels fulfilling, joyful and at peace.

Life’s daily demands and outside influences can produce undesired inner and outer stresses and deeper questions about life. While we have requirements of family, work, school and social life, we can still remain centered, balanced, and healthy if we give time to love, care, and understand ourselves.

"RiTika provides excellent feedback, direction, and help to feel grounded while moving in a fast paced environment. Highly recommend her. Excellent ability to get straight to the matter. There is conformation along the way that is spot on!! What a gift." - Robin, Tech Industry

RiTika is a Best Selling Author, Energy Expert and Wholistic Leadership Coach whose goal is to heal minds in order to heal lives.

RiTika's classes will be a unique blend of nearly 2 decades in service to people through western rehabilitation medicine plus incorporation of her deep study and training in eastern and spiritual philosophies and practice for a truly whole person approach to healing.

To start RiTika will hold her trademark Guided Meditation Monday's with Life Support class as well as her Wisdom Wednesday's Life Support class.
As we work together, your feedback will be valuable to create other classes tailored to our groups needs.

RiTika has a strong value in 1:1 attention and providing full support to her clients needs in session. To keep aligned with this value, RiTika's classes will be limited in size.

There will be a requirement of pre-purchase prior to classes to reserve your seat and be conscious of no shows that take away another member's opportunity to join class.

Through our time together I hope for you to gain:

*Removal of subconscious blocks
*Gain higher perspective and self awareness
*Development of deeper inner peace
*Resolving personal inner conflicts
*Enhance your producivity and creativity
*Learn effective communication
*Gain happier and healthier personal and professional relationships
*Connect with yourself and others on a deeper level
*Feel at one with your spiritual self
*Increase your clarity and concentration

Let's build a community of conscious leadership and grow together. We'll start with classes in mid-April 2018 and evolve to where we are led next!
(I'd love to set up a meet and greet with new faces prior to)

Parents, if you have teens in need of support please contact me for teen groups classes.

To learn more about RiTika please visit

In humble service to your higher good.

Gratitude, Peace and Blessings

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