What we're about

Socratic Society is an opportunity to learn about and discuss philosophical issues in a respectful and intelligent way. We plan on meeting at regular intervals to discuss selected topics from a philosophical perspective. The aim is to learn about various issues and ideas, to grow intellectually, and to have fun.

On meeting topics: we’ll have a mix of meetings on more abstract philosophical topics and meetings on more contemporary issues. We aim to provide the kind of discussion that meaningfully aids in one’s contemplative, personal, and political life.

On respecting the discipline: we’ll try to stick closely to the academic philosophical discourse, at least as a starting point, while remaining accessible to all attendees. In any case, our discussions will be understood to take for granted the utmost intellectual humility, an appreciation of the work done hitherto, an understanding that we will barely scratch the surface of the topics at hand, and an acknowledgement that intelligence is not a substitute for genuine expertise.

Logistical matters: it looks like we'll be starting with online meetings. As quarantine permits, we'll shift to having in-person meetings in the South Bay and hopefully duplicate meetings in the East Bay, depending on interest. Stay tuned.

Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/620312875288778/

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Death and Life Extension

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Environmental Ethics

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Population Ethics

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