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Openconfig @ Google Campus - By Bikash Koley

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Smitha G. and Shankar G.


Hi Folks,

We are excited to announce the start of this season of Meetups 2015. Our first Meetup is scheduled for May 12th at Google Bldg CL3 with a talk on Openconfig by Bikash Koley. I will be opening the RSVP to this event on the 8th of May

Here is a short writeup from Bikash on the topic Openconfig:

The networking industry has made good progress in the last few years on developing programmable interfaces and protocols for the control plane to enable a more dynamic and efficient infrastructure. Despite this progress, some parts of networking risk being left behind, most notably network management and configuration. The state-of-the-art in network management remains relegated to proprietary device interfaces (e.g., CLIs), imperative, incremental configuration, and lack of meaningful abstractions.

We propose a framework for network configuration guided by software-defined networking principles, with a focus on developing common models of network devices, and common languages to describe network structure and policies. To ensure that models meet the needs of operational networks, Google initiated OpenConfig, an informal working group of global-scale network operators who are collaborating to develop vendor-neutral models for configuration and management, and working with major network vendors to ensure native implementations.



1300 Crittenden Ln · Mountain View, CA 94043, CA
10 spots left