What we're about

Core group has worked with new technology startups for over 18 years. How to take a social media or technology start-up company from idea concept through funding and global market. Whether family shoestring budget, angel investment or VC venture capital the principles for success remain the same.

With the warp-speed changes in digital, mobile and hyper-localized marketing as well as consumer savvy rewards-based technologies emerging every view days we would love to meet and chat about some basic principles and "war" stories we can trade.

Mobile Device development is assumed to be a major part of any new venture.

It is awesome to learn from success stories as well as the duds. If hubspot, SEO, Redherring, Moneytree, Incubators, TechCrunch, Onstartups, Social Media Analytics are part of your musings and you dabble with DRM, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and Mobile Apps this is the group for you.

If you can give the group some sage advice on "smart money" from a VC or Angel perspective please come on out!

Simple concepts we have learned

1. Take your idea to prototype with an awesome team based on character & integrity - you can always fine-tune tech skills but not a big ego plus it makes it fun and a joy to work with cool people

2. Research, attract and sign your dream alliances - this is a "contract in hand" for turning on the revenue switch

3. Only take smart money when needed or for rapid expansion

4. All of the above change depending on the nature of the start-up and there are many other principles but this is where you come in...to share

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