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Above The Bay was created to help everyday entrepreneurs take their ideas and turn them into a running business. Our custom step by step course provides best practices from successful entrepreneurs and business leaders so you can learn what others have gone through.

Join us for our first Meetup or jump in anytime. Each event takes on a new topic, including:

Exploring & researching your idea

Prototype & testing

Business Plans

Getting Due Diligence ready


& more!

Each week we will try and host a professional to speak on the weekly topic.

The courses have a strong focus on hardware products and businesses but the lessons and materials do relate to software and service models as well.

These courses are designed to be hands on to get you thinking and working with other entrepreneurs. Some courses will contain worksheets & group brainstorming.

The Bay Area is known for its community of like minded entrepreneurs who have gone on to create future 500 companies. Our Meetup’s will bring together entrepreneurs, business leaders, and specialists on each subject to help advise on what you can do to get your startup on its way to success.

Above The Bay was founded by Joseph Segura-Conn a native to the Silicon Valley startup lifestyle. At the age of 23 he commenced work as an independent contractor with Tesla, Mercedes, Facebook, as well as other Fortune 500 companies. Around this same time he founded his first company, Prevail Prototypes, an accelerator program in which the main focus is to help early stage entrepreneurs build out their product ideas. The program takes entrepreneurs through the initial creating process until they ultimately form their own company.

Prevail Prototypes has helped consult over 50+ entrepreneurs on their ideas. The company grew rapidly created a STEAM education branch that helped teach people of all ages in the Silicon Valley. The courses focused on educating the public in the necessary steps to take an idea and create a product, helping guide them to starting their own business. These courses led to a contract with the Santa Clara County Library District, teaching design thinking, prototyping, coding and even 3D printing.

Joseph now advises Hoversurf, a company whose work is leading in the future of manned transportation. Hoversurf is known for creating the world famous Hoversurf Hoverbike! The Hoverbike has done flights all over the world and is presently being utilized by the Dubai Police Department.

Above The Bay Startup Studio takes lessons learned from previous clients and companies to create a well formatted step by step guide to starting your own company!

Are you a professional or small business? Want to partner with us? Reach out and let us know how you can benefit our community on entrepreneurs!

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