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MISSION STATEMENT: Being a step parent is an amazing and extremely rewarding experience. We love our stepchildren and work hard to be good role models for them, but blended families face their own challenges. We recognize that there is always a room for improvement, so we want to be better step parents, better partners and better communicators. There are many groups and websites that offer support for step parents but this one is local - Los Gatos, CA. What I hope this group is going to offer is:

- Free membership for stepmoms and stepdads

- Support

- Regular in-person meetings

- Honesty

- Confidentiality

- Networking

- Inspiration

- Opportunity to share and to listen

HOUSE RULES: Since we are a MeetUp group our primary form of communication is participation in meetings. How often are we going to meet? It depends on interest and demand. Where are we going to meet? Your suggestions are welcome! But there are some rules that are not negotiable: sales of any kind, political or religious promotions, spam, commercial advertising, profanity, homophobic or racist commentaries won’t be tolerated. Be polite and respectful toward other members. Using fake profiles to access information about your ex is immoral. [You would be surprised how far angry people can go justifying it with pain.] This is another reason why we will be meeting in person. Confidentiality is crucial. And again, this group is yours as much as it is mine. Help me to create a strong supportive community!


"Being a great step parent is an honor that is earned.”

“A great mom is not threatened by equally great stepmom, but embraces her to become a team twice as great for her child."

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