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Old School Red Rock Cafe Critique Session

This Meetup is past

8 people went

Every 2 weeks on Wednesday

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Writing can be posted on the Google Docs folder designated for the specific writing session.

Please put what you are looking for from critique at the top of your document.


1. Access to the GoogleDoc is given at or after your first Meetup that you attend in person. This allows the group to control access to the content. To take advantage of this rule, we recommend coming the the Writer's Discussion Group first and then attending your first Critique session.

2. Context/Purpose - If your writing sample is a continuation of previous writing, or it needs some sort of premise for critics to understand, please write a short summary at the top of your piece, so that people have a heads up. If you are looking for critique regarding a specific aspect alone, mention this here.

3. TRIGGER WARNINGS - If you write about certain topics: Graphic Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Incest, Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, Body Horror etc. You MUST warn the group with a TRIGGER WARNING at the top of your piece. Our group is open to all writers and content, but we also give our writers the right to avoid reading topics that may cause PTSD flashbacks. You can warn for Sex if you want to, but it isn't held in the same category as the above topics
Failure to abide by this rule will result in a BAN

4. Supportive Critiquing and Discussion - Provide and respond to critiques in a tone that is supportive and communicates good faith. We encourage disagreements and clarifications that lead to friendly discussion and learning. But this is possible only in an environment where every individual feels welcome. Our group caters to people of diverse skill-levels, from beginners to experts. Hence, refrain from any form of intimidation, competitive bullying or personal insults. We follow a three-strike policy regarding this.

Limit writing samples to a max of:

2500 words if you post it on Google Docs prior.

250 words if you only bring a paper copy or upload at the meeting.

Upload & Comment Instructions :-

Once the folder is shared, go into "Year" and then "Month-Day" folder. For example, / 2015 / Sep-1 /

The format preferred is Google Word Document. There are two ways of doing this.

- Create a New Untitled Document. Copy-Paste from your Local Document. Modify the Title


- Upload your Local Document, say Microsoft Word Doc. Then Open it, this will auto-create a new copy in Google Word Doc. Once the Google Word Doc Copy is auto-created, then remove the Original Microsoft Word Doc.

To comment, Drag and Select the section of writing, right-click, and select "Comment" from the menu. A text-box will open up, fill in your comment there. Don't modify the original document. If you do so by mistake, comment so that the author is alerted.


Meeting is Moderated by Sinead, unless she is out, then Abhirup is Moderator.

1. If you are uploading at the meeting, be early. First half hour is any final reading and some socialization.

2. Then we begin critique. Critique takes place in order of appearance at the meeting. If you are late, you will be last. If you are early, you will be first.

Also, feel free to just come and write, even if you don't have a piece to share!

Look forward to seeing you there!