Scavenger Hunt 4: O-Train!

Needs a location


The latest silly scavenger hunt! With trains! Lava! Scotsmen! Prizes! But mostly trains!

So the Confederation Line will be opening some time this year, and whenever that happens is when this event will occur. I've taken a guess but Aug 25 is not an official or definitive date. But whenever it ends up being, you'll get to tour the new system in this wild adventure with friends old and new!

What is this madness already?? Well we will meet up at a train station, I will hand out lists to teams of 2 or 3, explain the details, provide fare, and you will go forth and conquer! There are things to look for, informations to gather, photos to take, riddles to solve, the works - all around the new LRT line stations and trains. I will roam, actively evading you, but if you catch me you get a hint.

We will meet afterwards for some food and drank, to share war stories and photos, and determine the winner! Team with the most points at the end wins a great prize of untold value! And more prizes for other winners! Definitely worth more than the $2 entry fee to support the Silly People group!

Do you have questions? Feel free to comment below! And sign up now before it's too late!