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WELCOME - We are group ages 62 yrs to 75 yrs focused safe hiking experiences for seniors and photography.



Hiking, Nature Photography and Southwest Travel - we are the slow and easy group - living in the present --- in awe of the outdoors.

This group seeks zen minded individuals who are fun loving and want to share the outdoors with those who are still active, albeit a bit slower than we were when we were in our 40's.

Most all of our hikers have hiking experience...some of us are a bit slower now and more cautious.

That being said, we always hit the summits, and often when we hit the summit(s), we sit a bit in awe of the view instead of running down the mountain.

Photography allows for us to slow down and live in the present, view the surroundings and give gratitude to the adventure.

Our nature experience is spiritual and we never miss an opportunity to give gratitude as we are grateful to have the hips, knees and agility to navigate trails.

This is not the group for everyone; patience, fellowship, tolerance, and helping each other are hallmarks of this very fun group.

We seek to have others with a strong spiritual core (regardless of religiosity) - all faiths are welcome.

Many of us are Buddhist in our core and know the value of finding the quiet in the hike.

We go as fast as our slowest hiker. NO HIKER IS EVER LEFT BEHIND.

Our seniors are experienced hikers who have hiked most of their lives - some of us are still navigating 11 mile hikes, and others are good at 3 miles at a moderate to slow pace.

Not looking for a large group; we are looking for a zen minded friends.

Lastly, we are a hiking group that supports a local nonprofit with a $5 a month membership.

Happy Trails,

Lisa B., Leader





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Hike & Photograph Oasis Badger Springs!/Aqua Fria Remote

Mary will be our leader for this hike $5 for non monthly trial members Monthly Members may bring one guest. MEET AT THE ANTHEM DENNY'S AT 7:30 am This area is somewhat remote - we will caravan - better to have crossover, van, or trucks to get into the area. We will caravan. ** You must wear sturdy boots and socks for this hike. We have spotted snakes on this trail - *** Bear repellent is also good to put in your pack. You can get that at Hiking Shack. This is not a difficult hike, but it is a BEAUTIFUL HIKE. If the wildflowers are blooming, it is extra gorgeous - an oasis. Plan on three hours. Bring Two Liters of water. Must bring a hat. This is a good 2 mile hike. Happy Trails and see you soon!

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Hike Hawk's Nest/Desert Tortoise/Dixie Mountain Loop

1900 W Desert Vista Trail

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