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Together with an experienced ESL coach, members of the Silver Spring Meetup group will improve their English speaking skills by participating in creative activities, local trips, and conversation clubs.

For those who are looking to improve their academic/business English skills, small group classes will be provided at a minimal fee to specifically target your area(s) of improvement for your professional and academic success!

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Workshop #1 // Verb Tenses

Silver Spring Library


Welcoming students of ALL levels to this incredible workshop to learn and practice some of the most challenging verb tenses in English! We'll navigate the usage of the below tenses: - Simple Present (ex: I do) - Present Continuous (ex: I am doing) - Simple Past (ex: I did) - Past Continuous (ex: I was doing) - Present Perfect (ex: I have done) - Present Perfect Continuous (ex: I have been doing) - Past Perfect (ex: I had done) - Past Perfect Continuous (ex: I had been doing) - Future Perfect (ex: I will have done) - "Be Going to" vs. "Will" (ex: I am going to do vs. I will do) If you've ever had trouble using these tenses in either your speaking or writing, THIS is the workshop you want to attend!

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Meet & Greet

Silver Spring Library

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