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Our dialogue is an attempt to explore together the nature of the self and the profound questions of existence Krishnamurti raised as they relate to our daily lives. Krishnamurti’s teachings are often referenced as a point of departure, but we are not attempting to promote any teacher or belief system. Inquiring together as a group creates a mirror in which we can see our conditioning reflected as we expose ourselves to one another and to ourselves. At times it may resemble cognitive therapy or meditating out loud, but we use no techniques or practices, and the aim is not problem solving or self improvement but self discovery. Ultimately many of the questions raised come down to, “Who am I?”

Our dialogue is a self-inquiry among friends. In contrast to debate and discussion, dialogue is not a comparison of opinions or an attempt to convince another of a held conviction. We are questioning not to grasp an answer but to reveal and sweep away that which is not true. Avoiding quick responses and listening deeply both to the speaker and to one's own reactions may put our questions and opinions in a new light. Our group, which has been meeting for much longer than it has been listed in Meetup, has become safe enough to make ourselves quite vulnerable, allowing for honest and open sharing of our personal humanity.

We begin with a reading on the topic followed by fifteen minutes of silence. It is helpful, if possible, to speak out of silence, and if not, to observe the busy mind. After the silent period we go around the circle and check in with a question, observation, or personal sharing related to the topic. People who don't want to speak just pass. After the go around, the group is spontaneous. It is everyone's responsibility to facilitate the dialogue process, giving room for the quiet ones to participate, discouraging the talkers from dominating, and listening closely to all participants, including oneself, without judgment. This is a serious inquiry in which there is much laughter and affection.

Unless otherwise announced we meet on the second Sunday of every month. The doors open at 9:30 AM and the dialogue goes from 10 AM to 12:30 PM. Coffee, tea and light snacks are provided. There is no charge.

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