DNA Activation Session

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Price: £50.00
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DNA is also known as deoxyribonucleic acid, pronounced dee-ox-ee-rye-bo-noo-clay-ic acid. It is a large molecule, shaped like a double helix and found primarily in the chromosomes of the cell nucleus.
The DNA contains the genetic information of the cell.
The DNA forms a double helix, two elongated molecular chains (like staircases) that wrap around each other. It is believed that the true nature of our DNA is 12-stranded, not 2-stranded. Each of us has a 2-stranded double helix. Not as obvious is that we also have, in virtual form, 5 additional double helices awaiting to unfold and take their place by super-positioning themselves above our existing, physical DNA, thus yielding 6 double helices or 12-stranded DNA.

The DNA is the blueprint for our life processes. Each cell of our bodies contains the complete genetic code for the whole body.
DNA cleaning has a massive impact in our quality of life. Many conditions: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual are so deeply rooted inside of us that bring to our life some negative blockages, these energetic blockages lead to all kind of diseases and pain in the body. Basically, the cells desire more light to live longer. When we are ill, our light waves are out of synch.
The DNA Activation Session aims to transform the DNA back into its Divine blueprint, bringing more light into the cells, resulting in more health in the body and longevity.

The Session is based on a meditation that clears family lineage, mother line and father line, with the help and assistance of the Archangels and Ascended Masters, to infuse more White Light, Divine Light into the DNA, cells of the body, internal organs, blood, bones and tissues.
This session is for everyone who wants more health and vitality, but I especially recommend this session for women who want to have a baby and want to prepare their body, send more light into the cells for having a stronger body for a wholesome pregnancy.

We will be cleansing and cleaning the whole body, from head to toe, Aura and energetic field. The Session lasts 1 hour and it is £40,00.
Bookings also at different days and time.

Much love, health, and light,

Simone Pitchon[masked]