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Shamanic Circle
Explore your connection with the web of life by exploring ancient techniques for connecting within and without. In this monthly meetup we will explore the shamanic journey process, ceremonies, moving meditations and other healing practices handed down through many cultures. Please dress comfortably in layers. Bring a journal, drum or rattle if you have one, yoga mat, blankets or pillows to make yourself comfortable during the journey/meditation process. If you have never done a shamanic journey before PLEASE arrive at 9:30 so I can explain the basics to you before we start. If you arrive after 10, please enter quietly without knocking as we will already be in process. Following this meetup I will also be hosting a healing exchange from 1-3:30. You are welcome to stay for both - please bring your lunch :) The suggested energy exchange for this meetup is $20 - I happily accept help with setup, refreshments, or donation of art supplies, crystals or other items in lieu of cash - just message me.

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This Meetup is for people from all spiritual paths who are looking to deepen their spiritual experience and to live out their spirituality in their daily lives.

The living heart of every spiritual system beats with the simple beauty of all the facets of love: gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, trust, integrity, sacredness, joy, balance, peace. It’s in every spiritual scripture. It’s written in nature. And it’s inside us all, our personal connection to the Divine in whatever way we perceive the Divine.

This is the true spiritual work – how do I extend these sacred things to myself, and to others? How do I practice kindness? How do I forgive the unforgivable? How do I show compassion for those who wrong me? How do I love myself? How can I speak the truth with love? How do I find the Divine within my daily experience?

This is the simple clarity and beauty of life.

In our hurry to move from one urgent task to another it is all too easy to skate on the surface of our lives, seldom if ever taking the time to explore the depth and richness of experience our Soul seeks to manifest in us. Our lives seem flat and unsatisfying, and we struggle to find meaning and purpose. We seek connection to our Soul, the bigger part of us, without even understanding what that is. Our Soul is not some boringly perfect cherub-like being – that is an illusion left over from Sunday school. We seek our real Soul – that raw and true Authentic Self that glories in the beauty and mess of humanity, that is vibrantly alive with all the complexities and challenges entailed therein, the part of us that is Real, Eternal and Unique. We have learned to bury that part of ourselves deep, and now we must uncover it, listen to it, live by it, for it is only in revealing that Authentic Self that we can find the connections we seek, first to ourselves and the Divine and then to others. Our Authentic Self/Soul is the missing connection we have been looking for, the bridge that brings the Divine into our daily lives. It’s messy. It’s loud. It’s sometime raw and painful. It’s real. It’s something real in a world that is often fake. And Real is the only thing that satisfies.

We will explore meditations, shamanic journey, journaling, spiritual artwork, reiki and energy work, sound healing and other spiritual practices. We will share ways to be more present in our lives and bring our spirituality fully int our bodies and out into the world. We will laugh. We may eat yummy things, We will support each other and we will grow.

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