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Simply Kayaking is all about having safe fun on the water. Lakes, rivers, creeks, swamps, inter-coastal, ocean, whitewater - anything bigger than a pool! Most of our events are planned within 90 mins drive of Raleigh/Durham, with some very close by, though we've been know to occasionally stray to South Carolina, or northern Florida. We even throw a BBQ now and then, but don't look to us for yoga or Spanish lessons, unless you want to do it in a kayak. We go to beautiful paddle venues, including a few that are not very well known (can you keep a secret?).

Being outdoors is good for your soul! Paddling in the middle of an open lake is the perfect antidote for spending too much time under ceilings. Paddling through a tree maze makes you smile from your heart - I don't think it's possible to be unhappy there.

We appreciate your optional donation of $5/yr to help us run the meetup site and buy somem food for summer picnics. You can contribute via a button on the left side of the Simply Kayaking meetup page. None of the organizers are compensated in any way. If there is a small fee to get into a park or rent a campsite we'll let you know.

We don't provide you with kayaks, but you can join even if you don't currently have one. It is a bit limiting though! Only a few places we paddle at rent kayaks there (in season). Occasionally we post events where you can try out various kayaks from local suppliers or club members. Look in our discussions section for places to rent, buying advice, or ask questions! Note that inflatable boats, while darn convenient, are usually slower that molasses, and you probably won't be able to keep up with us if you have one.

Our wonderful members make this club the best meetup in the triangle!

We have very few rules:

1) Keep Safe

Few if any of us have kayak training certifications, but we do insist on safty first! - You must be 18+ or with a guardian that can save your butt if necessary. You can also be multiples of 18+! - We require you to bring and wear a PFD (personal floatation device) with a waterproof whistle. - You must be able to swim 100 yards in an emergency. If you can't manage this most basic stuff we will kindly kick your butt to the street! It's also really important to learn to avoid dangerous situations, particularly on flowing rivers, night paddles, and on the ocean. we can help you with that!

We do practice rescues, but rescues can also put several people in danger, so we expect you to allways be careful, use good judgement, and listen up when the organizer gives a very rare safety command. Some paddles are great for novices too - please tell us in the event discussion of you are a beginner so we can tell you if it's a good paddle for you, and we can also teach you a little about efficient paddling if you like.

Simply Kayaking is a club that connects individual kayakers together for paddle events. We are not responsible for your safety or convinience, or for that of your guests! Being safe first allows everyone to have fun!

Always check back to the even listing the morning of event to check for weather-related cancellations.

2) Fun, not Drama!

Paddles vary from leisurely to quick paced, short to long, but almost always allow for stopping for lunch, chat, photos, etc. Check the event description and ask questions if you have any. We do expect you to be ready to launch at the time specified. If you're a really amazing person we might give you an extra couple minutes, but don't blame us for leaving on time! Sometimes we don't all stay together during a long paddle. That usually happens when we're out for a long time and friends paddle at very different speeds or love to talk vs want some quite time out in nature.

You're free to talk about any old thing, but use good judgement about who you dicuss sensitive issues with - because our common denominator is not politics or religion, it's about having fun in the beautiful outdoors! Some of our events limit attendence, so please don't sign up for an event and take that slot unless you're rather certain you can come. Un-RSVP as soon as possible if you can't make it. If you have a history of last-minute no-shows, we kick your butt to the streets!

3) Hah, there is no rule 3!

I'm Dave D. I've been a member of SK for 6+ years, and have been running the club since Oct 2016, following the superb leaderships of the amazing paddle rat and owner of the most possible boats Captain Ron Wulff, the kayak Ninja Sophie White, and the very mysterious Daryl (who nobody ever met that was permitted to live). Our members make this club what it is! I've met many wonderful people through this club, and some have become closes friends. We've gone to some of the most beautiful places in North Carolina and beyond. Some places that very few ever get to see. And so with your help, we can keep this tradition alive and active in the Triangle.

SK is always looking for organizers with some kayaking experience and resonably good judgement to lead trips in the area. We will gladly make you an Organizer or Assistant Organizer if we get to know you a little first. Please contact us if you're interested! We want to sponsor lots of safe, fun trips, all year round.

See you out on the water soon!

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Simply Kayaking is a club that connects individual kayakers together for paddle events. We are not responsible for your safety or convenience, or for that of your guests. Fun, not drama!

****************************** important reminder ***************************************************

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2019 voluntary contributions for Simply Kayaking expenses

Not an actual event, but we want to recognize those that contribute to club expenses each year. Simply Kayaking is a free meetup! We don't charge fees for events unless the destination itself requies it (campsites, etc). Trip organizers always volunteer and are never compensated. Meetup.com charges nearly $200/yr to run our web site, so we really do appreciate your annual voluntary contribution of $5+ to help cover that cost. If we collect more than that, we'll use it for food at a couple of summer BBQ events. Please use this link to contribute https://secure.meetup.com/Simply-Kayaking/contribute/ Thank you for supporting Simply Kayaking!

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