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All photography enthusiasts should join my Meetup group. I am running a meetup that is free to join. Twice a month we meet up in different places around NC. (Please RSVP, because around the holidays, it's understandable everyone gets busy.) This is a fantastic group for those wanting to learn more about photography (as I am always a teacher at heart) and for many professional photographers. When we meet at different specified locations, the group structure will be fun and laid back. We will photograph nature and hike different trails. Those wanting instruction can ask.

While it is free to show up to the meetups, for those wanting formal instruction, I do offer one-on-one classes exploring poses, editing photos, how to take better images and exposure.

Sometimes it takes a group to gain inspiration, and photography is about more than just taking pictures. It is about capturing life and expressing everything through the power of creativity!!! Whiles memories fade over time, images have a permanent way of capturing the feelings behind every moment. Developing and utilizing our photography skills are powerful. As we explore some of the most beautiful areas NC has to offer, this group will help us learn from nature. There's an actual thrill having the opportunity to photograph birds, and then being able to share your images with everyone in this group is that much more exciting. I propose, as group numbers grow, that we also share our images "privately" on Facebook. This means, I will create a 'private' Facebook group, and members can invite everyone they know to give them a chance to see our images.

These are many of the ideas behind what this group is about.... which is simply to have fun!!! :)

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