What we're about

Welcome! This is a group for all women interested in "Kirtan", singing, dancing, chanting Yoga of devotion. I started this group to meet and share joy of kirtan. Looking forward to singing, chanting with everyone.

Kirtan is when a group of people come together to repeatedly sing various mantra.

The singing is accompanied by musical instruments and rhythmic drumming and the audience is encouraged to participate by chanting, clapping and dancing. In its heartfelt expression kirtan can induce profound states of meditation and bliss, according to "bhakticenter".

The performers & the concert-goers create the experience together.

Mantra comes from two words, "man" meaning mind and "tra" meaning vehicle or instrument-to transport the mind from state of activity to one of stillness and peace. Kirtan is based on ancient mantras that have strong energetic and vibrational components and contain a transformative power and healing energy.

Kirtan is non-denominational, the Universal language of Spirit, the song of the Soul.

( Ref: https://kripalu.org/resources/beginners-guide-kirtan-and-mantra )

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