What we're about

Hey! Welcome to the Singapore Association of Professional Meetup Group. The purpose of setting up this group, is to empower and educate the tertiary students of Singapore. You are in a very exclusive group as you will be able to stand in front of thousands of audience ready to listen to you.

Who are we looking for?

If you are an owner of a company who wish to find interns or employees, we have a specially designed platform for you to conduct your talk. If you need a large group of audience to listen to your latest tech gadget, you are in the right platform. If you wish to contribute back to the school you are our best candidate as your noble act will be greatly appreciated.

This is one of the most accessible platforms that you will ever come across, as we already have a large number of audience waiting to hear what you wish to deliver. So, if you want to help someone, you need a group of audience, you want to gain recognition, stop hesitating and start joining us!

Word of caution...

The main idea of this platform is to serve and provide opportunities for tertiary students, so I will be imposing some strict regulations and rules as I have the obligation to protect the students under my care. However, you are always welcome to talk to me and share what you wish to deliver to the students.

Lastly, if you do not have any expertise to share and empower students, you are also welcome to join us as there will be event days where personal developments skills will be conducted for free and specific networking sessions will be held.

So, come down and meet like minded people! Your decision today will create a difference for tomorrow.