What we're about

I would like to create a group for introverts to make new friends, find their own unique strengths, and most importantly, feel comfortable in, and support each other.

I would also like to encourage positive open conversation and brainstorm on ways on how introverts can not only survive, but thrive.

My intention to create monthly/fortnightly events where introverts can meet new likeminded people and create new friendships. I hope to organise a wide variety of events from film nights to board games to honest discussion sessions about work and life,

Group meetup size will be kept from 6-10 for now, in order to avoid exhausting everyone.

Other Ideas and suggestions will be most welcome! :)

Upcoming events (1)

Weekend Board Games, Chill and Meet Fellow Introverts

King and the Pawn

Hello fellow Introverts! Thanks for your support. I am excited to announce our first meetup this coming Sunday. Join us for a chill afternoon of board games and getting to meet fellow introverts. No unnecessary small talk required. Choose to chat with fellow board game enthusiasts as much or as little as you like. The venue is at King and the Pawn, Singapore’s newest board game bar and cafe in the heart of Bugis. Cost for board games will be $13 per entry and you may stay as long as you wish. Food and drinks are available at an additional cost, as well as a brunch menu. I will be helping to facilitate the session, staff will also be on hand to explain any new games (there are 300 of them, so I don’t expect anyone to know them all!). In true introvert spirit, we will keep this meetup to a maximum of 12 participants (2 groups of 4-6), so everyone does not have to exhaust themselves with endless self-introductions or repeated small talk. Looking forward to seeing you there! P.S. Any other constructive or helpful suggestions would definitely be welcome! Feel free to PM me.

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