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Singapore Cinematographic Education Group is (as the name itself suggests) a society of cinematographers (a.k.a. Directors of Photography*, Lighting Cameramen, Camera Operators, Assistant Cameramen) living and working in Singapore - both S'poreans and non-S'poreans, both professionals and amateurs, with or without relevant education or experience, who are WILLING TO LEARN the art and technics related to Cinematography and other film-related technologies & skills, from those who possess with relevant education, experience and equipment.

Members' age policy: now open to all! (It used to be "15 - 35 years old" due to venue vendor's contractual clause).

This initiative will mainly involve voluntary lecturers / tutors who will conduct courses, lectures, workshops and masterclasses, teaching for no remuneration, however the participants in the sessions will need to share the expenses for renting some filming equipment and the facilities (classroom or studio).

Nevertheless the above, the nature of this initiative will remain "pro-bono publico" (for the public good), with an option later to be transformed into a professional Guild of SG Cinematographers. It comes with the idea to counterbalance the (sometimes unreasonably) expensive formal academic training and education which is unaffordable to most of the young and talented prospective Cinematographers.

There is a real disconnect between the younger generation and the current generation of cinematographers. People around the world are just grabbing cameras and starting to shoot but there is no one to teach them what we've learned, as an industry and art, over the last 100 years.

Members of the group who book (confirm) a seat for an event and later do not attend or cancel their participation in the last minute** will be expelled from the group, unless they present a valid medical certificate or other proof.


* Director of Photography (DoP) is NOT relevant to Photography as in the art of creating still photos, but is relevant to motion pictures as in filmmaking, TV and video industries. In other words, we do not provide Photography courses.

A Cinematographer is a person with technical expertise who manipulates light to transfer visual information by the use of a camera into aesthetic moving images, onto motion picture film or electronic recording systems.


** "last minute" cancelations are those made less than 24 hours before the event.

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