November 2019 Singapore Clojure Meetup

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Hello Clojurians,

I'm happy to announce that November Clojure meetup is confirmed. Thanks to Skyscanner for providing us with space and drinks and Flybot for pizzas.

Here’s what you can look forward to in November meetup:

First Talk: by Ackerley Liang
Exploring Datomic For Audit Trail.

"I took some time to try out datomic and how audit trails can be implemented, and would like to share this with everyone and also get some feedback on what people think!"
Ackerley Tng - Hobby Clojurian

Second Talk: by Archibald Pontier
Aulë: a small scale data science platform for non-tech people

While big data datascience is very popular, for many tasks building large datasets is near impossible. Indeed, it relies on lengthy and costly manual labelling done by domain experts who are often not technical people. We are currently building in Clojure and Clojurescript a platform to allow such people to easily label their data and build small and powerful data science pipelines. These pipelines allow for feature selection and parametrization if needed, while also giving many insights about the performances of the models and/or rules being output by said pipelines.

"I am particularly interested in small scale datascience. Solving problems for which large datasets are not available and using the smallest and fastest models possible to solve said tasks. I've started using Clojure nine months ago because I wanted to learn a Lisp language that I could use in my day to day job. It proved to be the right choice."

- 6:30 pm: Pizza, drinks & chat
- 7:00 pm: Exploring Datomic For Audit Trails by Ackerley Liang
- 7:45 pm: Aulë: a small scale data science platform for non-tech people by Archibald Pontier
- 8:30 pm: Networking