Grab Data "Insights" :)


Topic 1: Taking Recommendation to the Masses
Speaker: Zhang Le
Company: Microsoft
Title: Data Scientist

Talk Abstract: Based on extensive experience in productization of recommendation systems in a variety of real-world application domains, this talk will review and demonstrate the main key tasks in building recommendation systems. It will present best practices and provide examples of democratizing recommendation systems for every organization and the wider community.

Topic 2: Grab's Presto Journey
Speaker: Edwin Hui Hean Law
Company: Grab
Title: Data Engineering Lead at Grab
Bio: Edwin is the Senior Engineering Manager at Grab that oversees the Big Data Engineering team and the Experimentation Platform teams at Grab.
In the past 6 years at Grab, he has gone from processing a few thousand transactions a week with MS Excel to now processing millions of transactions a day and over 100 billion events per day.
His team of 50 engineers, manage multiple compute clusters spanning hundreds of compute nodes across two clouds (AWS & Azure) and support hundreds of Grabbers who fire tens of thousands of queries a day.

Talk Abstract: This talk will share Grab's experience of from long-lived clusters on EMR to Presto clusters on-demand on Kubernetes, on Azure and AWS.