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Find Out More About EMF Radiation Safety
There are some very useful EMF information on this site but they are limited. However do register as members to be updated on upcoming events. For more updated information on EMF Radiation and how it affects you, visit and facebook page Stay Safe, Nixon

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    Do you feel a numbing sensation when you use the mobile phone?

    Do you get a constant headache at certain locations? Cannot get a restful night's sleep?

    EMF pollution might be a cause.

    Living in a high-tech city like Singapore, we are constantly exposed to EMF radiation from Cell Phones, BroadBand, WiFi, and other electrical devices and infrastructures. Its an electronic pollution we cannot see with our naked eyes but it is very real.

    Even if you don't feel it, there is increasing research and evidence of the negative effect of EMF radiation on our health and safety.

    I am a trained Geobiological Consultant with the International Institut Geo-Baubiologie, Germany. As I researched more into the harmful effects of EMF, the more concern I have. Its something that is hurting everyone of us and we need to be AWARE of it!

    This Singapore group is started so that we can learn more about such hazards and how we can protect ourselves and our love ones.

    Any body who wants to take responsible for their own health, and that of their family, especially parents of infants and young kids, should join the group to learn more.

    Watch the videos on the "Pages" tab above on this site. Do your own research and join us here to share and offer support in making our environment safe.

    Stay safe!

    P.S. Please visit for more information. Also do join us on Facebook

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