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Bill Gates said this many years back: "if your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business!" Now, if your business is not on ecommerce u will be out of business..

For all entrepreneurs and retailers! If you want to leverage your business on the power of Internet and e-Commerce but have no clues on how to do so, join us for our weekly free introductory meetups. We run different sharing sessions:

1. eCommerce sharing - Rise of eCommerce Been thinking of starting an online business? What are the eCommerce platforms available, key considerations in running an eCommerce business? 

2. The Einstein Wealth Formula: Turn-key eCommerce solutions Come and learn how philosophies can be applied to our every day life to achieve greater wealth, health & an awesome life!

3. Social Media Marketing Learn the process of bringing potential customers to your website via Social Media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. This internet marketing strategy offer a more precise targeting of customers.

Lastly, learn about how a school drop-out made his mark in property, co-build a successful internet biz; high-end retail outlet and F&B business, and build a business over 25 countries. He will share the strategies on how he brought in revenue from his eCommerce platform.

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