What we're about

We organize workshops, competitions, gatherings covering topics from both academic and non academic student related services, ranging STEM education, pedagogy, language learning, educational apps, mobile technology, student well-being, training, internship, career coaching and mentoring, social emotional learning, sports, student management system, better learning concept, brick and mortar solution, etc.

The converging point will always be EDUCATION

We seek to become a community for educators, parents, learners, technologists, designers and business professionals to come together. We aim to re-invent education from ground up because it is the recipient of education, the learners and educators on the field who knows what’s best way to learn, what is working and what’s not.

We want you to make use of this space to share your ideas, philosophy and your dreams. We want you to leverage this space to network with others to find your missing links. If you want to start a venture in education or need some consultation with folks in specific sectors - business, education or technology, this is the platform.

Besides, we are also passionate about leveraging technology in education to deliver 21st century solutions for our education system and for our young and adult learners . We strive to encourage innovation and pivoting of ideas to fit market needs.

However, if your interest is specifically on EdTech, do check out this fantastic group instead: https://www.meetup.com/singapore-edtech-mee... (https://www.meetup.com/singapore-edtech-meetup/)

Who should attend

1. Educators - Come share your knowledge and also learn about the new happenings in this space!

2. Parents - If you are concern about your child's education

3. Business Professionals - If working in the education sector is your true noble calling or you plan to start one.

4. Technologists - Come share or understand the technology used and latest trends in education

5. Learners - You know what's good and what's not. Come share what you know with us.

We invite you on board for this exciting ride!

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Online Meetup: Getting to know each other

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Mega Learning Day

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An Hour of Code

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