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“When we’re able to cultivate a pleasurable refuge ‘a home for the mind’ then we’re able to look objectively and compassionately at things that may be difficult to look at: the difficult emotions, the difficult circumstances of our lives.” Peter Doobinin

Dear Meditators,

This coming Friday, we are excited to have a meditator of 27 years share her personal embodied qigong and mindfulness practice with us!

Our mind is like that: a jumble of anxious thoughts, half-baked ideas, ‘To Do’ lists, all competing for our attention. Sometimes it can feel so hopeless. We can free ourselves of many mental struggles while keeping our body fit. A truly balanced body naturally supports the awakened mind.

In this FREE session, you will learn Qi breathing techniques to stimulate your energies to flow in the right directions and relax your body and mind. This amazing technique will clear energy blockages and eliminate trapped emotions and tightness.

Yong Zhen will also share about her struggles with anxiety and pressure while managing her F&B chain. At peak, she managed and owned 4 restaurants and had franchises in Singapore & Malaysia. Being successful and having money certainly did not fix her dissatisfaction. Upon self discovery of loving kindness that healed a strained relationship, it piqued her interest in mindfulness.

In[masked], the self practice became insufficient and she made the choice to go for a retreat. Putting aside time despite the demanding nature of running a business and fulfilling the job of a mother, she embarked on a journey to unravel the inner workings of her mind.

During her first intensive retreat, she came head-on with her own mind and body. Her body was filled with aches and pains. She also saw that many issues and unhappiness were caused by her own expectations and wants. She realised she was a selfish, jealous and quick-tempered person. This insight motivated her to make a vow to purify her mind.

She left her business behind to deepen her practice . Having a poor posture while meditating, she developed lower back pains and sought help from 5 physiotherapists, which did not alleviate her ailments. Therefore she journeyed into the world of Qigong. Incorporating mindfulness and Qigong strengthened her back and eliminated all the pain. In turn, her meditation practice deepened.

Today, at 60 years old, Yong Zhen has a renewed sense of purpose in sharing Mindfulness with Qigong. Having experience how this unique combination has improved her life tremendously, she has dedicated her life to spread the practice for life to blossom again for everyone.

We hope you are excited! Come join us this coming Friday for a rejuvenating and insightful meditation!



WHEN - 14 JUNE 2019

TIME - 8PM - 9PM (for 7.45pm arrival)


HOW MUCH - FREE! donations very much appreciated

This free session is brought to you by Singapore Free Meditation.