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This meetup will start off with a description of the current state of understanding of how the human brain works. This will be followed by talks on Brain Computer Interfaces and Artificial General Intelligence.

We are excited to announce the speakers for Future Of Mind event!

Albert Chen - Albert is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology at NTU. He will share the current state of understanding of the human brain and how it works. He will also share the tools neuroscience has available today to understand the human brain, cool projects going on in his lab as well as his perspective on sentience vs consciousness.

Fan Jie - Fan Jie is the Technical Director of NewroCare Technology, a company which sells EEG devices. He will provide an introduction to BCI technologies (with a focus on EEG) as well as provide a demonstration of an eye tracking/EEG product.

Martin Andrews- Martin Andrews is a developer / entrepreneur with a PhD in Machine Learning. Originally from the UK, and having lived in New York for 17 years Martin came to Singapore in 2013. Today Martin runs which provides Machine Learning solutions to companies in SG. Martin will provide an overview of concepts and themes in Artificial Intelligence, including a review of the field today (notably deep learning) and his perspective on Artificial General Intelligence.

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