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Welcome to our Healthy Happy Living social group!

Our mission:
Is to build a community of like-minded people who wants to share their life and inner wisdom to help others discover their own potential.

Our Vision:
Is to provide the space for each individual to gain access to their inner wisdom and health. Focusing primarily on the 3 things that make-up the very structure of human existence; Mind, body and spirit, it is our belief that if you are able to connect with these three modalities you can align yourself with the source of true potential and change your life for the greater good, all that you desire can indeed be yours, here at Life Institute we strive to help you access that very power.

Health, happiness, peace, love and wealth: the list is endless; these are all true desires coveted by all human beings and are what unite us as a community of soul searchers. How we can manifest and attain these desires is where people often begin to fall short, aimlessly reaching for things that their sub-conscious doesn’t believe they deserve to have. Here at our group is to guide you toward your true potential as a human being and nurture the instinct to create a life filled with utter bliss, connecting and aligning with the universe in a way that you our able to see the blessings all around and in return be met with unashamed abundance and joy.

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