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Soares C.


The final talk.js of this year will be on Tuesday 15 December. This time we will have all lightning talks of 5~10 minutes and instead use more time for discussions. Leave a comment of message us if you like to share anything!

Scheduled Talks:

• Stats for SG JS Dev community: - Sayanee Basu

• Struggle of Building Email Editor from Scratch - Tan Shiaw Uen

• Running ES2015 code with Node v5 and Babel 6 - Soares Chen

• SVG Filters - Yongjun

• JavaScript Inheritance - Min

• Aspect Oriented Programming - Shawn Lim

• Web Speech - Sebastian Deckers

• Call stack, heap, queue, event loop - Jesstern Rays


PayPal Singapore
Suntec Tower 5
5 Temasek Boulevard #09-01

Venue, free drinks and pizza sponsored by PayPal.

Remember to bring photo ID to get through building security.

Feel free to ask questions in the SingaporeJS gitter room:

See you there!

5 Temasek Boulevard #09-01 · Singapore