Past Meetup

Corda, the open source blockchain and smart contract built for business


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After vacuum for some time because of venue availability, our meetup will start again regularly.

Thank you for our sponsor, Traveloka, who will provide venue and food for this meetup. Due to the high profile of the speakers, we will require at least 80 reservations to confirm this meetup. Seats are limited, so we will close registration once we have 100 reservations

About the meetup:

Blockchain technology has disrupted industries with its potential. Enterprises looking to leverage private blockchain technology to revolutionize the way they do business.

From healthcare industry looking to exchange transaction data without revealing identities, the financial industry looking to speed up and lower down the cost of Know Your Customer (KYC) process, and banks looking to shorten the time taken for international payment, private blockchain technology provides solutions for the above problems.

Corda is R3’s solution for private blockchain for businesses and enterprises

In this meetup, Vu Ho, R3’s Solutions Engineer will discuss the following topics:
1. A quick introduction to the blockchain
2. What is the difference between a public and a private blockchain?
3. What is Corda? An insight into its unique features
4. Use cases of Corda solutions
5. Where do I start as a Java developer?

As the technology landscape also changing rapidly, we will have a speaker from the recruitment industry to give insights and tips for developers to stay relevant and competitive.

Rahul Kaul, Managing Director, Geco Asia, will share insights on the Software Development jobs based on his recruitment and project experience on the following topics:

1. Market Outlook for Java Developers
2: Opportunities in Singapore and Germany
3: Growth Opportunities and tips on how to stay competitive for Java developers

Detailed Agenda:

1. Introduction by Traveloka
2. Private blockchain using Corda for enterprises
3. Market outlook and insights for Java developers