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FREE 1 to 1 Coaching Discovery Session!
To bring my idea forward to help people. I have decided to host a FREE 1 to 1 Coaching Discovery Session for anyone who has a topic he/she wants to work on. Every Monday 7-9pm. Kindly contact me at[masked] to solidify the meeting as this is a two/three person event only. What are we aiming to accomplish during this session: 1) Having clarity and certainty of your goal 2) Clear action plan to move forward 3) No more procrastination Cheers! Please note that the $5 will be refunded upon meeting up. It is to prevent accidental reservation of space on Meetup. P.S. We will communicate via WhatsApp [masked]), the meetup will only commence when communication has been established. P.S.S. Only those whom really interested or contacted me will be entertained.

Joe & Dough

9 Raffles Blvd, #01-86 Millenia Walk, 039596 · Singapore

What we're about

This meetup is meant for people who are in need of answers for aspects of their life, or want to explore into themselves to empower their life. By ways of self-realization and understanding. It is my way of giving back to Singapore's society and helping those in need.

I am a Belief Change Coach; certified Master Practitioner that specializes in Belief and Mindset changes. My professional profile can be found: (

Many friends/family/acquaintances have frequently approached me with various common questions that are affecting their lives and need some guidance.

Questions like:

- I know I need to complete this "task" and it necessary, but why do I always procrastinate?
- I tried everything but why him/she does not communicate with me?
- I feel stuck and lost, what should I do next?
- Why no matter what I do, even for how long, it just does not turn out the way I want it to?
- Should I proceed with my plans, or are there better options?
- many more...


This is a coaching meetup, as so, it maybe very surface resolution to deeper topics you might have. It is NOT a consultation, counselling session, mentor-ship, or advice giving session. This meetup is purely for people to open up, let down their baggage and look at it in a different perspective.


For you to either have more clarity about your situation or to learn new concepts and ideas to expand your mind.


It is a discussion/talk/workshop based, non-judgmental meetup; facilitated by me, for people to open-up and ask questions that are bothering them.

We respect your confidentiality and personal space, therefore your questions should not include the "juicy" part of context. You do not need to divulge any information that is too personal to you. However, do make sure these questions relate to you and not you asking for a friend.

An abundance mindset and belief system, changes your perspective therefore opening your view and ideas needed to empower your life.

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