Vampire Dark Ages - Winds of Change

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It is the year 1400. After the scourge that was the Black Death, the fires of the Inquisition flicker throughout Europe, fanned by heresies from within and uprisings from without, both imagined and real. Against this backdrop of turmoil, whispered prophesies among the Damned tell of signs of Gehenna, the coming apocalyptic time of judgment for all vampires.

It is a time of change, where the children of Caine will break ranks to choose their sides for or against their ancient forefathers - the prelude to the formation of the Camarilla and the Sabbat. As the Inquisition settles into the city and prophecies of Gehenna loom over the prospering city of Milan, the actions of a few vampires will shape the course of history.

This is a cooperative, non PvP game using homebrew with more focus on tasks for and events surrounding the coterie.

Blood points will be used for most disciplines, and all "mental" disciplines - notably Presence - will be subject to lesser effect against lower generation and also willpower. You do not need any sourcebooks, all necessary information will be provided.

Combat is expected to be sparse but that also depends on player's actions. Ideal number of players is 3 or 4 tops if everyone is involved in the story since people need time to RP.

We will set up a common Whatsapp chat to coordinate game timings, which should be Tuesdays night Raffles Place. So until I receive your Whatsapp to [masked] and we get a gist of a character out, I will treat it as if you did not RSVP. Hope that's clearer.