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Upcoming events (5+)

Northern Lights March 2019 - new! Remote Lodge Stay in Yukon

To RSVP, click here (http://www.threeplaygrounds.com/adventure/northern-lights-march-2019-new-remote-lodge-stay-in-yukon/441?utm_source=meetup&utm_campaign=meetupteaser). RSVPs on meetup cannot be considered! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hosted by: Daniel Goh (http://www.threeplaygrounds.com/profile/7462/Daniel+Goh) Travel Agent: License no 02937 (WeirdoFreako Outdoor Pte Ltd.) This Northern Lights tour in 2019 will be different from previous Northern Lights tours that I have organised. This is an improved version: you will get the chance to stay in a rustic cabin way out in the Yukon wilderness, and experience the surrealistic outdoors of the remote Yukon landscape - it will be a truly memorable experience! While the highlight of this tour is the Northern Lights in the Yukon, your chance to take part in amazing winter adventure activities in the Canadian Rockies will thrill your socks off! - just as well. In our previous tours, in February and December of 2017, both groups had their own amazing experience of seeing the Northern Lights actually dancing in the open night sky! The lights filled the whole sky, it was a truly memorable experience for both groups at two different times of the year. We certainly hope (though we cannot guarantee) that this tour will be as lucky as our previous two tours. Fingers-crossed, with the 4 days that we set...read more (http://www.threeplaygrounds.com/adventure/northern-lights-march-2019-new-remote-lodge-stay-in-yukon/441?utm_source=meetup&utm_campaign=meetupteaser)

Mulu National Park Show Caves + Sarawak Chamber Adventure Caving

To RSVP, click here (http://www.threeplaygrounds.com/adventure/mulu-national-park-show-caves-sarawak-chamber-adventure-caving/520?utm_source=meetup&utm_campaign=meetupteaser). RSVPs on meetup cannot be considered! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hosted by: Vee Ku (http://www.threeplaygrounds.com/profile/11667/Vee+Ku) Travel Agent: License no 02937 (WeirdoFreako Outdoor Pte Ltd.) A 4 day Caving Adventure ( Excluding Arrival and Departure Day ) which covers the spectacular caves of Mulu National Park , Sarawak , Malaysia . Allow yourself to be bedazzled by the sheer granduer of the second largest cave passage in the World - the Deer Cave , the beautiful formations at Lang Cave , Clearwater and Wind Cave . Take up the challenge at Clearwater Revival Intermediate Caving with its own beautiful underground river , a prerequisite for the grand finale - encountering the Sarawak Chamber , the largest underground cave chamber in the world ! Why you should go ! : 1st , Watch this Trailer on Sarawak Chamber and Mulu National Park : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrZkKPPZhEA&feature=youtu.be ...read more (http://www.threeplaygrounds.com/adventure/mulu-national-park-show-caves-sarawak-chamber-adventure-caving/520?utm_source=meetup&utm_campaign=meetupteaser)

Let's hop on to a colourful and lovely road trip to the Himalayan Ranges

To RSVP, click here (http://www.threeplaygrounds.com/adventure/let-s-hop-on-to-a-colourful-and-lovely-road-trip-to-the-himalayan-ranges/528?utm_source=meetup&utm_campaign=meetupteaser). RSVPs on meetup cannot be considered! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hosted by: Lee Ling Chong (http://www.threeplaygrounds.com/profile/3/Lee+Ling+Chong) Travel Agent: License no 02937 (WeirdoFreako Outdoor Pte Ltd.) Have you ever wanted to admire the majestic Himalayan Ranges but don't want to trek to see it? Then this trip is for you. I have decided to make this Himalayan ranges road trip a colourful one by coinciding with Holi Festival. Holi Festival also known as Festival of Colours is a celebration of love, forgiving, victory over evil, and all things good. Before starting the road trip let's visit the Taj Mahal, widely considered as the most beautiful building in the world and also a symbol of love. As such I believe this trip will be especially memorable. So come join me in this memorable trip. View of Himalayan Ranges from Manali Highlights - Visit Taj Mahal, a UNESCO site recognized as the jewel of Muslim art in India, a winner of the New7Wonders of the World - Celebrate Holi Festival also known as Festival of Love and Festival of ... read more (http://www.threeplaygrounds.com/adventure/let-s-hop-on-to-a-colourful-and-lovely-road-trip-to-the-himalayan-ranges/528?utm_source=meetup&utm_campaign=meetupteaser)

Hiking Series: Mount Kerinci (3,805m) - Entry to multi-day volcano treks

To RSVP, click here (http://www.threeplaygrounds.com/adventure/hiking-series-mount-kerinci-3-805m-entry-to-multi-day-volcano-treks/617?utm_source=meetup&utm_campaign=meetupteaser). RSVPs on meetup cannot be considered! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hosted by: Gan (Little Monsters Travel) (http://www.threeplaygrounds.com/profile/14691/Gan++%28Little+Monsters+Travel%29) Travel Agent: License no 02937 (WeirdoFreako Outdoor Pte Ltd.) Join us to be part of our next hiking series, Mount Kerinci. Mount Kerinci (3,805m) is the highest volcano in Indonesia but it is not technically too difficult. This is a short trip primarily focused on summiting Mount Kerinci (3,805m). An additional day of relaxing at the beach, snorkeling and having fresh fish caught by the local fisherman can be added on also. Mount Kerinci is part of the Kerinci Seblat National Park and is surrounded by lush forest and also home to the endangered species of the Sumatran tiger and rhinoceros. The closest city is Padang and it takes around 6-8 hour by vehicle to the village Kersik Tuo. The trek is a challenging 2D1N trek for people who are trying a multi-day volcano trek for the first time. Who is this for? This is for any beginner who wishes to step up from 1 day hikes and do multi-day treks. It is also a good prelude and exposure to a volcano trek and terrain. In terms of mountains or hiking progression, if you ha... read more (http://www.threeplaygrounds.com/adventure/hiking-series-mount-kerinci-3-805m-entry-to-multi-day-volcano-treks/617?utm_source=meetup&utm_campaign=meetupteaser)

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Explore Yogyakarta with Mount Merbabu (3,145m) trek

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