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The purpose of our Paintball & Go Kart group is to unite people who want to play an affordable team sport that involves strategy, physical endurance, shooting skills & racing skills.

All participants are required to play with honesty and integrity (no cheating) and display good sportsmanship.

Who Should Join? Anybody who are looking to challenge themselves and loves Paintball & Go Kart should join. No experience necessary to join this group. If you are new, then play with us so you don't burn out.

We do enjoy traveling to Paintball fields & track at Johor and organize Van (18 seater) trips to play.

Package included - SGD 99/pax:

1.) All transfer between Singapore / Lunch / Paintball Field / Go Kart Track / Dinner

2.) Go Kart 10 min

3.) Paintball (Rental of paintball markers + safety gears + 500 paintballs + insurance)


1.) 10:00am Pick up - Venue (based on the nearest mrt station which arrange by participants) to JB hawker centre (Lunch - Going Dutch pays for themselves)
2.) 12:30pm Pick up - JB hawker centre to Paintball field

3.) 4:00pm Pick up Paintball field to Go Kart Track

4.) 5:30pm Pick up Go Kart Track to JB seafood(Dinner - Going Dutch pays for themselves)

5.) 8:00pm Pick up JB seafood to Singapore (Venue)


* Take a spare T-shirt as you will get really hot.

* Wear sport shoe during the Paintball war & Race track.


91366940 (Wechat) / +60197909080 (Whatsapp)

Paintball Fields:

Go Kart Track:

Different types of Paintball games:

Method 1.: Team Deathmatch (Elimination)

1.) Each team starts on different sides of the field with the same amount of players on each team if possible.

2.) Players then proceed in trying to eliminate every player on the opposing team. If a player is shot he/she must then go back to their starting point and can then proceed in re-entering the game.

Method 2.: Center Flag Push

1.) One flag is placed directly center of the playing field.

2.) You must retrieve the flag pushing it to the other teams base you win by reaching the other teams base.

Method 3.: Assassins

1.) You start off by placing everybody's name on a card and placing them in a container. Each player then picks a players name out of the containerNo player can reveal whose name they received. (It would be to your disadvantage anyways.)

2.) Each player then goes out into the field wherever they prefer. This is every man for himself so set up accordingly.

3.)The game begins and players try to eliminate whoever name they drew previous to the game starting.You cannot shoot at anybody whose name you did not draw.Try to hunt down your player as quickly as possibly while watching out for other players that may be hunting you.Never trust anybody; treat everybody as if they are hunting you.

4.)When you are shot you are out of the game.The player that shot you then receives the players name who you were hunting. That player then proceeds in trying to eliminate the player that you were hunting for.Once a player is shot they keep all the names of the players who they have already eliminated. (e.g. Player A shoots player B and is now hunting for player C. Player D than shoots player A. Player D only receives C's card and player A leaves the field with player B's card)

5.)The game ends when there is only one player left on the field.Just because you are the last man standing doesn't mean that you have won the game.

6.)The winner is the player who has the most cards in his possession (Most players eliminated) when the game ends.

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