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What's better than solving programming puzzles? Eating pizza while solving programming puzzles!

Pair programming puzzles is a fun, coding-based meetup where you do a small coding challenge and meet new like-minded people.

We’ll get together, pair up and then work on a single selected problem from codewars or hacker rank. Depending on the number of attendees we may or may not split the group by self-selected level of ability.

The point is to have a fun meetup that is low pressure / with no “winner” but also involves actual coding.

This meetup is programming language agnostic. If you can find someone who wants to pair with you on the problem in your preferred language, awesome, code away! However, note that you may not be able to pair with another OCaml enthusiast :)

We’ll all be working on the same problem for about an hour and then share afterwards. We could talk about the challenge solution or also language differences or run times.


Participants should at least have enough knowledge of programming to complete an easy level hacker rank challenge or an easy level challenge from the daily programmer sub-reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/dailyprogrammer

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