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mankind should exist in harmony with the natural world

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We agreed last time to debate something to do with the environment, but I have lost the exact wording, apologies. So I suggest a title which appears to be "philosophical" rather than political or functional. I suggest this title because this has been quite a persistent theme in the world-views of many societies, but one which is currently very far from available to societies as a whole, it seems to me. One of the key issues for us now is really simply survival, when climate change threatens to destroy civilization as we know it and probably much of the human race. But we need, perhaps, to ask what we should strive for instead of the current rush to jump off a cliff.

It would be helpful if someone can look for articles on the philosophy of the environment.

If you can see major philosophical issues which are important in considering the environment, but are not really captured by talking about "harmony between man and planet" then please feel free to let me know, add comments to the website and say what you think at the beginning of the meeting.