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Life would be better if we didnt need to work

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We are hoping this will be more of a debate type of meeting , with 2 opposing points of view - that work is best the less there is of it, or that work is ennobling and the best we can do. please come ready to defend one or other position.

Is the Labour theory of value (Marxist economics) relevant? Perhaps anything on what makes life meaningful (if anything?) But try to stick reasonably closely to work.

I think two Utopia stories give us some interesting imaginative pictures: the Ian M Banks "Culture", which features in many novels and is first introduced in "Consider Phlebas", where there is no money because resources and energy are effectively unlimited in a galactic future civilization, or Ursula Le Guin's "The Dispossessed" about a planet Anares where there is also no money, the economy just keeps them alive, but everyone just gets on with working for the common good because they believe that their planet has a better way than Urras, the mother planet, an exploitative class-based but rich society. Ecotopia is also worth looking at - the western US States break away and adopt of ecologically sound society - they have money but they also have strong comunitarian values.

But maybe we don't need to consider whole societies. Does one person who chooses to work as little as possible need to justify him/herself? Is this therefore just a "life-style choice"? If it is, the answer is "Ok, it's up to you." If it's intended to apply to everyone, then maybe its a philosophical issue.