What we're about

Hi, Are you looking to make new friends from different countries & different cultures? Are you looking share your thought about life with like-minded friends? Are you looking to learn new perspective in life?

Most of us living in Singapore are always having to work irregular hours, especially most Retail Professionals. These crazy hours at work make it hard to expand your social life.

Whether You are Singaporeans, Expats, Working Professionals, Entrepreneurs, or even a Business Owners, you want to make more friends, expand your social circle, looking for a different type of networking, this is the group for you!

These are the few things we hope to achieve as a community:

- To be able to build friendship with people from different walks of life.
- To be able to do different activities together with newfound friends.
- To be able to provide a platform with working professionals on understanding the business community better.
- To be able to provide a platform for entrepreneurs in understanding the corporate community better.
- To be able to build the community with human touch.

We look forward to your connection and so let's work on the "Kampong spirit" in being gracious and start building friendships together!

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