Workshop:Hands-on Agile:Discovering Product Vision & Delivering Value via Kanban


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Workshop on - Hands-on Agile Series – Discovering Products Vision and Delivering Value via Kanban

The recent acquisition of the Disciplined Agile Framework greatly expands PMI’s offerings for Project Managers and teams to choose their "Way of Working", as nearly all businesses today are becoming more Agile.

As a Project Manager, Business Analyst or Team Member, do you want to learn more about Agile, but don’t have much hands-on experience? These workshops are just for you!
In preparation for the roll-out of PMI’s Disciplined Agile Framework, we have put together three sessions to cover Agile basics and provide real hands-on Agile experience.

• Workshop #1 (this workshop) focuses on discovering products and value-driven Kanban development
• Workshop #2 Provides hands-on experience leading and participating in Agile ceremonies in Scrum
• Workshop #3 This is a full-day session where you will gain experience building a product as a member of an Agile team

This is the first workshop in this series and scope of this workshop will be focusing on discovering products and value-driven Kanban development.......

We invite all of the following participants to attend this workshop and experience the learning by practicing being Agile
• Project Managers and Team Members interested in Agile but with little hands-on experience
• Anyone interested in Agile ways of working and would like hands-on experience
• Agile practitioners who would like to participate in a collaborative workshop and share their knowledge and experience

It is optional to attend all three workshops, but if you are new to Agile the first two workshops will help, you prepare for the third full-day session.

These are the learning outcomes for this workshop:
After attending this workshop, you will be able to:

1. Give a high-level overview of PMI’s Disciplined Agile Delivery
2. Explain the difference between schedule vs. value-driven ways of working
3. Explain Kanban, how to set up a Kanban board and how it can be maintained
4. Create simple prototypes using a tool

Presentation and Discussion Method:
The These workshops will be hands-on. You will need your laptop with internet access, as we will use active learning to introduce products like Jira, Confluence, Trello and other Agile tools.
Please note → We shall announce the second and third workshop separately.