What we're about

A meetup self-help group for project managers to discuss topics related to their practices.

The purpose of this self-help group is to heighten its members' project management capabilities which they can apply onto their real-world problems. This can be done through:

• sharing of knowledge and experience among members

• critically discussing and analysing project-management matters including problems, solutions, tools, techniques, methods and artefacts.

• expanding the real-world arena where we can improve and excel our project management skills and knowledge.

Who are Project Managers

A project manager is someone who seems to be able to gaze into the crystal ball, warp space-time continuum and at the same time rally his or her troops to realise heavenly hopes and dreams.

I have been struggling to find the right name to represent these unique type of courageous people. Somehow I always feel that the name project managers does not do justice to the gargantuan responsibilities they carry onto their shoulders that require them to be able to peek into the future - to anticipate problems before they happen; and with their project team members, they need to conjure their "wizardry" and "magic" to find the right solutions to realise their goals . And serendipity pointed me to the term Prophetic Magi that aptly retains the abbreviation PM.

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Project Management Introduction

Only U Space

2018 August PM Zone Meetup: Lean Coffee Discussion on Your Project Problems
2017 August PM Zone Meetup: Nurturing our Youth in Servant Leadership

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