November 2019 Meetup


We are looking for speakers, so if you have something cool to share, please reach out to Martin Brochhaus here on meetup or via Facebook Messenger.


7:00pm: Meet and greet

7:30pm: "ActiveViam Python" by Xavier Pilas and Nida Bouzid

ActiveViam, a precision data analytics platform to help organizations make better, faster decisions, is entering the Python community with a library to overcome two main hurdles:

• Taking additional steps before sharing insights and analysis with business users

• Involving other technologies to manage large data volumes

The ActiveViam Python Library bridges both of those gaps. It is the first that allows you to create interactive visualization on the fly, all within Jupyter notebooks.

Through the demo, you will see how you can load heterogeneous data sets, analyze them inside-out from within your Jupyter notebook and share your results easily in an interactive way.

8:00pm: "From Code to Community – How do you run an Open Source Project?" by Uli Hitzel

We’re all using Python libraries like Requests, TensorFlow, or Flask – but who is behind those projects? How do you publish your own library in the PyPI ‘App Store’? And most importantly, how do you get people to use your stuff and help make it better?

In this talk I’ll share my experience starting an Open Source project. Of course, we’ll be speaking about Git, pip, and Markdown, but equally about the tricky bits which are not ‘technical’ like marketing for example. Ultimately, I’m hoping to find people who are keen to collaborate on some of the projects I’ve started!

Uli has been working with data engineering & distributed systems since the early days of the internet. Previously with companies including Microsoft, Red Hat, Yahoo! and IBM, he now helps Axway customers create innovative, data-driven platforms using state-of-the-art building blocks for API Management, data integration, and analytics.